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  • 10.31.02 ~ Happy Halloween!

  • 10.29.02 ~ In celebration of Halloween, we changed the look of our site!

    Age of Mythology is going to be released this Thursday! Woohoo!!!

    Jeff has been asked by Microsoft to be an XBOX Live beta tester. It's going to be awesome. The general public release date is 11/15.

  • 10.25.02 ~ Just added two *NEW* photo sets - Cheryll's cousin Daisy had a birthday party and Cheryll's Dad's Birthday dinner. Click on the links to see them. Have a good weekend!

  • 10.23.02 ~ Happy Birthday Cheryll's Dad!

  • 10.20.02 ~ Happy Birthday Aunt Lily!

  • 10.18.02 ~ OMG, can anyone say nightmares? We went out to see "The Ring" tonight. We both agreed we haven't seen a movie of that caliber in terms of scariness in a while. Go see it and let it absorb you, and don't forget to take something with you like a jacket or sweatshirt so you can grab it tightly and pull it over your eyes. :P

    For those of you in the Southern CA area, listen to Mixmaster Mike's Spin Cycle, Friday nights at 10pm on KROQ(106.7). He's really really good.

  • 10.13.02 ~ Phew! We've made the final decisions as to where we will be having our Wedding ceremony and reception. We've chosen the Wayfarer's Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes and Verandas in Manhattan Beach! Now that that's done we can move onto planning other things for our wedding; hey we're starting to have fun now! Also, we're working on rolling out our Wedding website, which we will hopefully finish the first release soon so that we can share it with you. Keep an eye out in the near future for our update on that. Oh, by the way, we're getting married Saturday August 23rd, a "very good day" according to the Chinese calendar. Thanks Hao Bu and Auntie Lily for doing the research for us.

  • 10.05.02 ~ In spirit of us planning our own wedding, we've uploaded to our site photos we took at weddings that we've attended over the last couple years. Those weddings include: Danube and John, Heather and John, and Alice and Mike. We created a new folder called "Weddings" in our photo album gallery. We also decided to move Russ and Amber's wedding pictures there as well. Check them all out by clicking the photo album link, or click here.

  • 10.03.02 ~ Ever been to a store like Marshalls where you find an item on clearance and you just can't let it go? And it may not be the nicest item but because it's such a good deal you won't put it down? That's how we've been feeling with our wedding reception plans the last couple nights! A place, that we won't mention here, has made a mistake and because of that mistake they've given us an almost-too-good-to-put-down opportunity to book them for our wedding reception. The last couple evenings we've been trying to imagine our reception there and are really having a hard time because it doesn't feel "just right", but again it's such a good deal we don't want to put it down. Anyhow, we dined there last night, and that pretty much cinched it for us. We're going by the motto "you get what you pay for", so we've decided to nix that one off of our list, but man was it difficult.

    Our friends Marie and Ron have just completed making their "Freya Fitness Postnatal Excercise for Mom and Baby Video". Check out their recent website where you can get more information and also order their video.

  • 10.01.02 ~ So we've been extremely busy (to say the least) planning for our wedding. Although the wedding will not be until next year, the pace that we've been running makes it seem like it's next month! We've visited a lot of reception and ceremony areas and have it narrowed down to a few places. The fun will probably kick in once we've decided on a date and location. We went to Barnes and Noble the other day, there were about fifty books all on the same topic - "how to plan your wedding". After about two hours we finally decided on one that Cheryll liked. One of the things it mentioned, that we like, is to take lots of pictures from the very beginning so that we can look back and see how it all started and how the planning progressed to the "big day". It's also been a good idea to take photos because we've visited so many places and it's been hard to keep track of them all, especially for when we finally sit down to decide. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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