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  • 12.30.02 ~ Lord of The Rings: Two Towers video game for XBOX ships to stores today! Cheryll can't wait to play Legolas.

  • 12.29.02 ~ We just came back from Vega$ Baby! We went with our friend Evan, his sister Erin, and their Dad. We had dinner at the #1 restaurant of all time - Delmonicos Steakhouse at the Venetian Hotel, owned by Emeril Lagasse. Every time we go to Vegas we try to set aside a night to have dinner there. Everything they serve is excellent, but truly the only entree to order is the Bone-in Rib Eye and then for dessert the Bananas Fosters Pie. We saw David Copperfield perform at the MGM Grand one night, that was very cool. See the photos here.

  • 12.28.02 ~ Happy Birthday Frank!

  • 12.25.02 ~ Merry Christmas everyone! We celebrated X-mas with Cheryll's family last night. Check out the photos here.

Merry Xmas! Cheryll, her Mom, Sheila, and Coco

  • 12.20.02 ~ We had our annual Christmas Dinner with our friends tonight. We feasted on the "annual traditionals" such as Honeybaked Ham, turkey, stuffing, Cheryll's yummy cream corn, John's fabulous potatoes au gratin, and Ilir's magnificent asparagus on puff pastry appetizer. As always, it was great spending time with our good friends and their new families. See the photos of the festive evening.

The Eichingers, Ilir, and Cheryll: our annual Xmas dinner with friends

  • 12.18.02 ~ Lord of The Rings: Two Towers opened today! We were lucky enough to get tix for the 9pm show tonight. We went with Cheryll's parents and her sister Sheila. We both give it two huge thumbs up! Legolas, among others, kicks some major ass in the movie! Jeff clapped at the end.

  • 12.15.02 ~ We met up with Jeff's cousins today, Alice, Mike, and Bill. Bill's girlfriend, Margaret, hosted a "Holiday Party" at the "Twist" Restaurant at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. It was a fun luncheon, perfect for getting us into a festive holiday mood. See the photos here.

  • 12.14.02 ~ We went to a Carnegie Mellon (where Jeff went to College) alumni event tonight at the Staples Center to see the LA Kings duke it out with the Pittsburgh Penguins. We both decided that hockey isn't really our type of spectator game, but things did get exciting in the end when the Kings won in overtime. Note to us: remember to eat before going into the Staples center. We were a bit hungry during the game and decided to snack on a small soda, chicken nuggets, and a hot-fudge sundae from the McDonalds inside Staples, surprisingly (or perhaps not) it cost us $11!

  • 12.13.02 ~ We went to Disneyland today! Cheryll's work has an annual outing to Disneyland, so we both took the day off and frolicked amongst the rides and the holiday decorations. For those of you who do not know, Disneyland has redone, especially for the holidays, the Haunted Mansion. They have created a "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme and it is absolutely fantastic. We went through the Haunted Mansion three times tonight right up until the park closed. We probably would have done it more times had we realized earlier in the day what they had done. If anyone gets a chance soon to visit Disneyland make sure you go see the "new" Haunted Mansion. Evan and his sister Erin met up with us, so it all added up to an excellent and memorable day. See the photos we took.

Disneyland - outside "It's a Small World"

  • 12.07.02 ~ We power-shopped like mad today for Christmas gifts. Knowing that we've got busy weekends coming up and since Christmas is coming up so quickly, we knocked off all but two people from our Christmas gift list. We're both in need of some serious foot massaging!

  • 12.06.02 ~ We bought our Christmas tree today! After spending a few hours we finally decided on one and have it all decorated up. Thanks Russ and Evan for helping us put up ornaments. Check out the photos here.

Just finished decorating the tree

  • 12.04.02 ~ Happy Birthday Aunt Christine! You go girl!

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