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  • 02.25.03 ~ They have recently announced the line-up for COACHELLA! It's going to be another awesome weekend, April 26 - 27.

  • 02.23.03 ~ Happy Anniversay to Cheryll's parents! It's been 39 wonderful years for them. We celebrated over brunch this morning. See the photos here.

Happy Anniversary

  • 02.22.03 ~ Happy Birthday Ilir! We all went out tonight to celebrate Ilir's 29th at Electric Lotus, a trendy and very reasonably priced Indian restaurant in Los Angeles. After dinner we hung out at Ilir's new pad in West L.A. See the pictures here.

Ilir's B-day dinner, Electric Lotus style

  • 02.21.03 ~ Evan performed at Memories tonight! Another great show, check out Evan at Memories every Friday night beginning at 9pm. He performs great acoustic covers from Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and has awesome originals as well. See the photos here.

  • 02.20.03 ~ By request, we have updated (a more readable) picture of "Le Menu". The dessert menu that Jeff made and used as part of his marriage proposal. See our engagement link for the updated menu.

  • 02.19.03 ~ We took a Bikram Yoga class tonight. It's been about a month and a half for us since our last session, so we were both really struggling. Jeff was a goner by the second pose. Cheryll was feeling light headed from the start. She noticed the temperature on our way out the door - 110 degrees! Although we felt like crap coming out of class, we were both pleased that we made it all the way through and slept much better. Click here if you're interested in seeing the 26 postures. We'll be going again this weekend for sure.

    The "Camel Pose". Try it, you'll like it. ;-)
  • 02.15.03 ~ Evan and Marisa visited us tonight and the four of us decided to all paint a picture. I think in one day we have improved our art-form, lol. Click here to see them.

  • 02.14.03 ~ Happy Valentine's Day! This Valentine's Day we decided to treat each other to sushi (Sushi Roku of course) and then head home to paint each other a picture. We're both completely 100% NON-artistic, but decided it would be a fun thing to do. Here's what we painted for each other (we obviously had our wedding as inspiration):

Cheryll's painting for Jeff

Jeff's painting for Cheryll

  • 02.07.03 ~ Happy Birthday Mike Chen!

  • 02.02.03 ~ Happy 18th Birthday Allan! It seems to be our tradition, celebrating your birthday at Regent. See birthday photos here.

  • 02.01.03 ~ Happy Birthday Uncle Jason! and Happy Chinese New Year! 2003 is the year of the Ram.

    Our first Dinner Club of 2003 was tonight at John and Heather's beautiful new home in Riverside. It was really nice to catch up with the gang. Next month's Dinner Club host...Ilir, in his beautiful new home in West LA! See the photos we took here. Evan was missing this time around because he was performing at the Lindy-binge.

Our Dinner Club Family

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