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  • 04.26.03 ~ Wow, it's been about a month since we've updated our site. We have just written a whole bunch of updates from March 07 until now (to the best of our recollection). Sorry it's been so long since our last update, but there's now a whole bunch of new stuff to read and look at. We'll definitely try our best to keep our updates, well, more updated! Check out our wedsite as well -- we've put some additional info there too!

  • 04.25.03 ~ Jeff took Paul out for his bachelor party tonight. Paul (Jeff's childhood friend since age 12) and Elisa are getting married next weekend, so this was Paul's "last night out" as a Bachelor! We started at Buca di Beppo at Universal City Walk followed by Howl at the Moon dueling piano bar, and then we topped the night off by hanging out at Home Depot (or so that's what the guys told their significant others) and handing singles out to the cashiers. See photos of the bachelor aka "the viking man" here

    Paul with the Buca di Beppo triplets!

    "Put your Johnson in, put your johnson out"
    Paul is doing the hokey-pokey
    click to watch movie

  • 04.20.03 ~ Mishima Noodles = Asian comfort-food. If you haven't tried a bowl of noodle soup at one of L.A.'s Mishima's restaurants, you are truly missing out! Jeff recommends the Niku Toji with soba noodles. Cheryll likes the Bento Box and the Niku Toji with udon noodles.
  • 04.19.03 ~ We saw Evan perform at LuLu's Beehive tonight. Evan played with Chris Lea and Adam Velez. It was a very chill evening listening to some good tunes and drinking coffee.

  • 04.18.03 ~ Happy 30th Birthday Paul! We took Paul and Elisa out to the Magic Castle tonight to celebrate Paul's third decade. Our favorite room in the Magic Castle by far is the close-up magic parlor (Jeff got to sit right at the table with the Magician). The highlight of the evening was after midnight lounging in the bar and having three magicians hang out with us and perform some of the best close-up card magic that we've ever seen. For those of you who have never heard of the Magic Castle, it is a very exclusive place, in order to gain entrance you either need to be a Magician or know one. Men have to wear suits and women evening wear. They have three main rooms for performances that change Magicians' half-way through the night. But what is sometimes even cooler is just hanging out in the lounges and bars because you could be standing next to a very talented/seasoned Magician and not know it. And he/she just might perform a casual trick or two while you hang out.

  • 04.13.03 ~ Bjorn and Wolfe Eichinger's first birthday! It's hard to believe that the Eichinger twins have turned 1 already! Happy 1st Birthday Bjorn and Wolfe. We celebrated at Danube and John's house, see the photos here.

Happy 1st Birthday to Bjorn and Wolfe

  • 04.04.03 ~ Happy Birthday Alice! Alice turned 30 tonight! Her husband, Mike, coordinated a surprise birthday gathering at Howl at the Moon dueling piano bar at Universal City Walk. I think we all did a good job making sure that she constantly had a drink in her hand. And Alice, based on the email we got from you maybe we did too good of a job! Jeff know's he'll get his fair share next year. :-) See all the photos here.

Suprise Birthday for Alice (pictured with b-school friends)

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