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Coldplay (Chris Martin)

  • 05.30.03 ~ Hung out with Paul and Elisa and had dinner at Sushi Roku. Evan stopped by for a roll later in the evening.

  • 05.29.03 ~ Congratulations to Sheila! She graduated this evening from CSUN (California State University at Northridge). Check out the graduation photos here.

Con-grad-ulations Sheila!

  • 05.28.03 ~ We watched "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls", such a classic. "It's in the bone!"

  • 05.27.03 ~ We attended Sheila's (Cheryll's sister) convocation ceremony this evening. She is graduating Magna Cum Laude! You go girl! Check out the convocation photos here.

  • 05.26.03 ~ Ahh, Memorial Day...a time for us to nap, watch tv, and nap some more (and of course pay respect to those who fought for our country and are still fighting).

  • 05.25.03 ~ We went to Evan's Uncle's house this afternoon for his annual Memorial weekend BBQ. Jeff played seven games of basketball (while Cheryll ate). Both of us will be extremely sore the next several days (for differing reasons).

  • 05.23.03 ~ This was long overdue...we both had massages at Burke Williams tonight (a place that we need to be visiting more often, if it wasn't so expensive). Cheryll had a 30 minute salt-glo (more like an intense salt scrubbing) and a 50 minute pure relaxation massage while Jeff had an 80 minute pure relaxation massage. We finished the evening with some sushi and a drink or two. :-)

  • 05.22.03 ~ DJ T I E S T O at the Mayan tonight! Woohoo!

  • 05.18.03 ~ Yum! We stumbled upon a new place for breakfast - Uncle Bill's Pancake House in downtown Manhattan Beach. Between meeting up with our wedding coordinator and our minister at the Wayfarers Chapel, we were jonesing for some breakfast - what a find! And by the beach too.

  • 05.17.03 ~ We watched a very sad, but excellent movie tonight - "Grave of the Fireflies" a Japanese Anime film. Thanks Paul for the recommendation and the tears.

Seita and Setsuko

  • 05.11.03 ~ Happy Mother's Day! It has been a busy weekend for us, besides taking care of a bunch of wedding stuff (see our wedding website), we are also planning the framework for our bachelor / bachelorette party in Vegas. Ilir, Jeff's best-man, and Daisy, Cheryll's maid-of-honor will be refining the details, but we are totally excited!
  • 05.10.03 ~ Congratulations to Raquel and Carlos! They are expecting their first baby next month (could be the same day as Jeff's bday). We attended their baby shower this evening and had a bunch of fun.

    We picked up DJ Tiesto's newest album Nyana. What can we say, besides it totally rocks!!! It's 2 CD's - disc 1: Outdoor, is definitely harder beats, and disc 2: Indoor (our favorite) is more melodic, perfect for listening to while driving and/or working.

  • 05.09.03 ~ We went to see X-Men 2 last night. Overall it was very entertaining, lots of cool new mutants. Paul and Elisa stopped by last night after their dinner - thank you guys!

  • 05.04.03 ~ Congratulations Paul and Elisa! Fortunately the weather cleared up today, making way for a beautiful afternoon wedding. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. Best of luck to you Paul and Elisa, now get some sleep! Check out all the pictures from today's wedding ceremony and reception here.

Virgil's readings for the wedding

  • 05.03.03 ~ In the midst of this weekend's wedding hub-bub, we went to dinner at Lynn's to celebrate Cheryll's Mom's birthday (delayed by two months) with some of Cheryll's co-workers. See the photos from dinner here.

    Dinner at Lynn's
  • 05.02.03 ~ BIG weekend coming up! Paul, Jeff's best friend from home, is getting married this weekend to Elisa. Details and photos to be posted soon!

    Just came back from Paul and Elisa's wedding rehearsal and dinner. See the photos from tonight here.

Paul and Elisa - too cute!

  • 05.01.03 ~ Concerts we are looking forward to: DJ Tiesto May 22, Coldplay May 31, Dave Matthews July 26 and 27, and Lollapalooza August 16 (weekend before our wedding, but the line-up is SO GOOD - Jane's, Incubus, J-5, Audioslave, Perfect Circle, and Queens of the Stone Age)

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