Archive - June 2003

  • 06.30.03 ~ Jeff finally finished the 5th book of the Harry Potter series. Overall he was pleased with the book, now he can't wait for number 6!

  • 06.21.03 ~ We just got back from Barnes and Noble - talk about a mob! Jeff was number 22 in line to buy the book at the stroke of midnight.

    Us - trying to fit in at the release of Harry Potter Book 5
  • 06.20.03 ~ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out tonight! We are going to meet up with Paul and Elisa for dinner and then at midnight Jeff has a pre-order copy waiting for him at Barnes and Noble.

    Paul, Jeff, Cheryll, and Elisa (with new haircut)
  • 06.16.03 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF! We celebrated by having a lovely dinner at Parkway Grill...just the two of us :)

  • 06.15.03 ~ Happy Father's Day! We rarely have these days, but we had one today and it was great. We woke up at 11am, ate, lazed around the house, watched some tv, took Coco for a pleasant walk to Starbucks, came back, watched a movie, and took a nap. Later in the evening, we went out to celebrate Dad's Day at, where else... Sushi Roku. Check out the pics here. Afterwards we put Cheryll's sister and Mom to work helping us stuff wedding invitations. Thanks guys!

  • 06.13.03 ~ Friday the 13th! Muahahahaha! What better way to celebrate than to go to the Magic Castle! A big group of us went to celebrate Jeff's birthday (which is coming this Monday the 16th) at one of his favorite places. We actually celebrated Evan's, Andy's, and Rich's (Daisy and Andy's friend) birthdays too -- all born on the 16th! Check out the couple pics we sneaked in here. (no pics allowed)

  • 06.09.03 ~ Oh no, Jeff lost his voice over the weekend due to a throat infection. He'll be on antibiotics for the next seven days. :-(

  • 06.01.03 ~ Congratulations Allan! Allan, Cheryll's godson, graduated from High School today. Check out the photos here.

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