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  • 07.31.03 ~ Jeff's grandma from Taiwan is in town for our wedding! Yay! So we went to visit her tonight to catch up. She showed us her newest hobby... painting! She's so cute, she's taking after Jeff's late grandfather who was an accomplished painter. Her work isn't too shabby either!

  • 07.28.03 ~ Happy Anniversary to Mike and Sheila!

  • 07.27.03 ~ What a weekend! We celebrated our bachelor/bachelorette parties in Vegas this past weekend with 21 of our friends. It was such a great time and we have to thank all of our friends and family for taking the time out to spend the entire weekend with us. You guys truly make us feel sooo special. GIGANTIC thanks especially go out to Daisy and Ilir, our Maid of Honor and Best Man, for arranging the weekend. We couldn't have had this special weekend without you guys and we are forever IN DEBT to you! You guys ROCK! We love you dearly!

    Daisy and Cheryll

    Ilir and Jeff

    We took ALOT of photos but weeded out the "bad" ones ;) Here's what's left...

  • 07.20.03 ~ We went to see the Dodgers play the Cardinals today. It was the first time Jeff had been to see the Dodgers play. It was a good game with lots of home runs, unfortunately the Dodgers lost.

  • 07.19.03 ~ We went down to San Diego today for a surprise birthday party for Dave, one of Jeff's friends from Massachusetts. Tons of food, cool company, and beautiful weather. Kudos to Aliza (Dave's significant other) for coordinating such a great gathering. Happy 30th Birthday Dave! See photos here!

The Westboro, MA posse: Jeff, Dave (b-day boy), Max, and Paul

  • 07.18.03 ~ Cheryll got her haircut today. Afterwards, she met up with Elisa for a shop-a-thon at Nordstroms "Half-yearly" sale! Paul was too busy working tonight so we had sushi without him :(

  • 07.17.03 ~ We had dinner at Houston's Restaurant tonight - Hawaiian Ribeye - yummm!

  • 07.13.03 ~ Beach Day! It's been so long since we've been to the beach (kinda sad since we live so close). Evan phoned us up this morning and invited us out to Zuma Beach with Amber and Rusty for some body boarding, volleyball, swimming, and sun soaking. It was really crowded, but we had a great time. See the photos here!

    Jeff, Evan, Rusty @ Zuma Beach
  • 07.12.03 ~ We went out to visit Sheila, Cheryll's sister today. We had lunch at "Salt Creek Grill", window shopped, and saw "Finding Nemo". The three of us enjoyed the movie a lot! "Mine, Mine, Mine!!!" LOL

  • 07.11.03 ~ Hola! This evening, Paul and Elisa invited us for dinner with Neil and Christine at Saladang Song, an excellent Thai restaurant in Pasadena, that we used to haunt years ago. It has been quite some time since we've dined there, the food is still great! Afterwards we all went to see "The Hulk". Not sure if it was because we saw the movie so late in the night, but we all thought the movie was too long and disappointing. Oh well...

  • 07.06.03 ~ We took Coco out shopping with us today. He became quite popular quickly while we were out. What started off as just one child asking if it was ok to pet him, became a circle of children asking questions and taking turns petting him. We have collected together some photos of Coco over the last several months, check them out here.

Coco saying "Help me Mommy"

  • 07.05.03 ~ Tonight we watched the "Animatrix", a collection of nine Japanese anime movies that are set in the world of the Matrix. Besides being really entertaining, the short movies actually helped round-out and explain the Matrix.

  • 07.04.03 ~ Happy 4th of July everyone! We had Paul and Elisa over for some good ole BBQ'ing. There was a really tripped out movie on The Movie Channel tonight with Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland called "Freeway". The four of us could not stop watching because the movie was so odd.

  • 07.03.03 ~ We ate out at an inexpensive, but yummy restaurant in the Los Feliz area tonight with Paul and Elisa called "Birds".

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